About Us

The Aspire Pyramid

You may have noticed that our logo is a pyramid. Sure, it’s also an A for Aspire, but this icon represents our passion for building businesses from the bottom up. Our clients come to us at all stages of their business lifecycle, but we know that when it comes to building a digital presence, a strong brand acts as the foundation for your business. As a full service digital marketing agency in Ridgefield, CT, our strategies and solutions are hand-tailored to help businesses like yours build a stronger digital presence, connect with more customers and grow a stronger brand.

Our Team

Christine Mullen


With 20 years experience as a Marketing Director, Christine has led online marketing programs in web design, online marketing campaigns and social media strategies. Her creativity and innovative tactics have also led to success in bringing many unique products to market. Christine’s love for digital and thirst for creativity was the driving force behind forming Aspire Digital Solutions.

Bill Fow

Co-Founder/Director of Web Development
Bill holds a bachelors degree in Marketing from Fairfield University, but his true passion turned out to be website engineering. With 10 years of experience creating websites and designing the architecture behind them, Bill leads all aspects of website design and development at Aspire.

Mark Kaufmann

Senior Digital Strategist
Mark has worked in the marketing industry for over 8 years, with extensive experience in digital business strategy, conversion rate and search engine optimization, UX design, and website architecture. With backgrounds in both business and writing, Mark brings a unique blend of creativity and data-driven strategy to the table for the Aspire team.

Stephanie Orts

Graphic Designer
A background in both graphic design and marketing gives the perfect skill set to visually and strategically enhance your business’s brand. Bringing you to the next level with her experience in web design, logo design, animation, and print media. Loves collaborating with new clients and bringing their vision to reality. You can view some past work at stephanieorts.com

Isaias Garcia

Web Designer

Isaias is a web & graphic designer with over a decade of professional experience, having worked on 500+ web & graphic design projects for small and large businesses across the US & Canada.

Melissa Avanzato


A dynamic professional with nearly 20 years experience across diverse industries and media platforms, Melissa can help communicate your brand messaging with copy and content that is authentic, compelling, and elicits action. An excellent communicator, passionate learner and creative collaborator, she will help you tell your story, and tell it well.


We Prioritize Customization

No two businesses are alike which means no two digital marketing strategies are going to be the same. Our team at Aspire is committed to focusing our combined expertise of nearly 30 years on creating a custom-designed marketing strategy for your distinct business. We understand your need to be unique and are passionate about equipping you with the tools necessary to set your business apart from others.

We Listen

We go beyond approaching your marketing needs with a one-size-fits-all method. We take the time to run a detailed assessment of your business before moving forward with the optimal solution for you. We listen to your concerns, your ideas, and your goals. We offer solutions that are aligned with your short and long-term marketing plans and we implement a strategy that captures the essence of your business.

We Cover All The Bases

We are more than a social media marketing agency or a branding company or a web development firm. We are a full-service digital marketing agency that targets all of your marketing needs. Our passion for digital marketing solidifies that your business is not lacking in any marketing areas.

Your Success Is Our Success

Rather than selling you a generic marketing package that may or may not help your business grow, we are a far more interested in being hands-on for the long haul. Our business only succeeds when you succeed. Aspire is committed to creating measurable growth in your business sales, customer loyalty and engagement, brand strength, and digital presence.