Social Media for Hair Salons

Your Salon Clients are Getting Social.

How do you engage with clients, both existing and potential?

Social media for hair salons is more important now than ever before. Social Media has become a part of our global community to connect with one another, engage with content, and share information.

Consider these social media stats:

  • Social media usage is at an all-time high with over 72% of the public using some form of social media platform
  • 78% of women are actively using social media
  • Facebook continues to dominate all social media networks, engaging with 69% of adults

Social media is a highly effective way for your salon to build its digital presence and engage with customers. If your salon is not currently active on social media, now is the time to start!

Social Media Marketing for Hair Salons

Our focus is on creating a strong social media presence your hair salon business

We create compelling social media marketing strategies for hair salons to reach and engage customers.

The dedicated and experienced team at Aspire Digital Solutions are experts at developing a social media presence that reflects your brand and builds your business. In fact, our social media marketing approach results in an average increase of 1500-3000% visibility of posted content.

Knowing how active businesses and people are on social media, creating compelling content and using strategic social media marketing platforms are key.

Why Social Media Marketing?

Most Of Your Clients Are Active on Some Form of Social Platform

As a hair salon owner or manager you’re likely aware how important having an active social media presence is. Customers in need of your services will likely check Google first, but often, their next step will be scanning your social media.

Social media marketing is crucial to building your brand and reaching your target audience. For hair salon social media marketing, we focus on the main networks that will help drive your success. We also provide important information regarding your services to current customers.

Marketing on social media and developing a robust online voice will help build a community of loyal customers, and create an inviting environment to welcome potential new ones.

Social Media for Hair Salons

Creating Your Social Media Strategy

  • Know and understand your audience: Marketing of any kind relies on knowing what your ideal customer wants and needs. The same applies to a successful social media marketing campaign.
  • Choose the right social channels: Whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, or another social media platform, a big part of social media strategy is knowing where to share your message and engage with your audience.
  • Consistently share relevant content: Your social media strategy should include content that engages, educates, or promotes something useful to your audience. This engagement will ultimately build trust and a relationship with your community.
  • Paid advertising solutions: Social media ads can help you reach your target audience, and thus grow your business.

The Aspire Approach to Social Media for Hair Salons

Take a look into our method for creating robust social media strategies for our hair salon clients.

Develop Strategy

We perform an analysis on your local competitors and target audience to develop the best social media strategy to accomplish your goal.

Create Content Calendars

Developing a monthly calendar of content allows us to plan ahead and create messaging tailored to your hair salon and local service area.

Schedule Posts

We do all the heavy lifting, by scheduling and posting relevant and personalized content to your social media channels throughout the week.

Drive Engagement

For hair salons, photos and video content are a great way to connect on social media with your clients!

Provide Reporting

Monthly tracking and reporting enables us to learn more about your audience and see what social media tactics are most effective.

Manage Paid Social Campaigns

Social media advertising is a powerful tool and can be a great opportunity to round out your strategy. We can create custom audiences, split test ad copy, and provide in-depth reporting.

The Importance of Engaging Social Media Content

If social media is managed correctly, businesses can build a strong online presence and reach new audiences. As your trusted digital partner, we know how essential it is to create and share quality content for social media.

A focus on useful, entertaining, and informative social media content will draw users in and keep them engaged.

For hair salons, this could include:

  • Before and after photos showcasing hairstyles and color treatments
  • Videos and reels
  • Promotion of discounts, promotions, or events
  • Hair Stylist profiles
  • Client testimonials
  • Product information
  • Influencer marketing

The options for using the power of social media content to elevate your digital presence are endless.

Are you ready?

Let’s talk about developing your salon’s social media strategy and compelling content today!

Our full-service SOCIAL MEDIA capabilities

We are proud to be social media experts, and have helped countless of hair salons customize social media solutions to meet their needs. We provide a range of social media offerings to connect and engage with your existing and potential clients!